• 8.4”TFT LCD.
  • It is capable to control 6 axes.
  • Surpport M-ll/ EtherCAT communication protocol.
  • High-speed, high- precision and wiring saving.
  • Provides interpolations to satisfy the requirements of high level of tyre industry.
  • Various intelligent functions.
  • Dedicated function of tyre industry.
  • Supports USB drive.

MT5800D series controller of tyre industry can connect periphery devices easily through support various fieldbus, in order to implement Industry 4.0 specifically. The controllers which carry EtherCAT fieldbus system are able to connect more intelligent sensor model in real-time, therefore a controller is capable to handle multiple machines and become a small workstation. The series also supports all kinds of bus-type servo and absolute encoder to reach high-speed, high-precision, and high-performance of processing solution. This is exclusive system of tyre industry, which provides dedicated functions and images.

Monitor 8.4″
Pulse Command Axis Control port 2
DA Output(DA) 2
MPG Port( MPG) 1
Input 128
Output 128
Front USB Port(USB)
Front EtherNET Port
LED Tool No. Display(LED)
Path Control(Max.) 1
Maximum Axis Control 8
Simtaneously Axis Control 6
Cloud Monitoring System