Injection Molding Machine Controller

INJECTION 8x4 -min
  • Dual CPU: ARM or X86 industrial CPU is used 1n Human-Machine
    Interface unit and a microprocessor with RISC is used in the system unit
  • The product is equipped with a USB interface so that moulding parameters
    can be backed up and the updated program can be download
  • An Ethernet cable is connected between the HMI unit and the system control unit. Its speed is 1O times faster than the traditional RS232
  • The human-machine operating system uses Linux-OS, which not only
    improves the stability but also supports many kinds of peripheral devices
  • HMI With 7.4″ .8.4″ ‘ 10.1″ TFT LCD panel,full color screen display
    vivid colours, and sharp images. The status animation can be displayed.