AC Drives

Delta AC motor drive provides the most efficient solution for all types of drive applications. It features precise speed, torque and position control functions that are suitable for both sensor and sensorless types of synchronous and asynchronous motors. Delta drives are also equipped with built-in PLC functions and support the CANopen Master/Slave extension for the ultimate in system flexibility and fast data exchange.


  • Advanced Drive Controls
  • High Performance
  • Environmental Adaptability
  • Versatile Drive Controls
  • Modular Design
  • Quick and Easy Parameters Setting via the Keypad
  • The versatile interface provides multi-point inputs, analog inputs, CANopen and MODBUS RS-485 communication for flexible applications
  • The simple and fast installation process, parameter setting and tuning functions
  • Removable high resolution LED keypad with an extension cable to maximize operation distance
  • Special PCB coating and thermal design for harsh environment applications
  • Fan cooling with airflow focus to the heatsink insulates dust and dirt from entering the drive
  • Instantaneous response to a sudden load increase, limiting the amount of current input for a smooth operation
  • Built-in PLC program with huge steps capacity
  • Built-in encoder signal input terminals with a maximum speed up to 33KHZ
  • Two built-in multi-function output terminals for frequency output with a maximum pulse output up to 33KHz
  • Delta drives some series provides PM Sensorless control function for open-loop speed control, suitable for compressors and vacuum pumps

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