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Sensors are the most basic needful equipment in Industrial Field.

In industries basically, two types of sensor are the most popular.
(1) Contact Type Sensor
(2) Non- Contact Type sensor

  • Limit switches, Level Probes, Magnetic door switches are the examples of Contact type Sensors. It generates the output when any material or object comes in contact with it. Basically, it gives relay output.
  • Inductive Proximity, Photoelectric sensors are examples of Non-contact type sensors. It generates the output when any object or material come in its specific range. There is no need to comes in contact with it. Basically, its work on the Modulated pulsed Light.
  • In the Industrial market, non-contact type sensors are very popular.
  • A photoelectric sensor is a generic name for sensors which detect an object by using light. The optical signal transmitted from the emitting part of the sensor is modified by being reflected, transmitted, absorbed, etc., by the sensing object and is then detected by the receiving part of the sensor to generate a corresponding output signal. Further, it can also be a sensor which detects light radiated from the sensing object to generate an output signal.
  • Fiber sensors and laser sensors are also one type of photoelectric sensor.

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