Any tilt position safely under control. Angle measurement even in harsh environments.

Inclination sensors detect tilt angles at machines and installations towards the horizontal line. Acting as a kind of electronic water scale, inclination sensors are the perfect alternative to standard methods of angle measurement, particularly at hardly accessible rotation shafts.

Baumer inclination sensors substantially contribute towards increased safety, for example at cranes. In robust die-cast or stainless steel housing with IP 67 rating they are ideally protected for deployment in harsh industrial environment.

Convenient and reliable angular measurements at:

  • mobile automation
  • agricultural machinery
  • cranes and hoists
  • industrial trucks
  • solar energy systems
  • textile machinery
  • automation technology
  • precise positioning by high measuring accuracy
  • reliable performance in rough environment
  • high level of flexibility by varied connection technologies
  • easy and reliable position feedback, no mechanical modifications