AH Series Redundant CPU

Redundant CPU

  • The redundant CPU of the AH Series adopts a reliable redundancy structure, and integrates synchronous modules, Ethernet ports and serial communication interfaces for a more competitive control solution.

Redundant Backplane

  • The redundant backplane of the AH Series provides redundant power supply and communication interfaces for a complete control solution.
  • Public construction, water treatment, large factory monitoring system
  • Utilizes 32-bit processor
  • Excellent program execution speed:LD instruction execution speed 0.02µs
  • Max. I/O points:
    – DIO: Max. 4,352 points
    – AIO: Max. 544 channels
    – RIO>100,000 points
  • Program capacity:Max 1M steps (4MB)
  • Data register (D+L) 512 words
  • Built-in RS-232/485 multi-modes communication port x1 (RS-232:115.2kbps/ RS-485: 921.6kbps)
  • Built-in Ethernet communication port (100Mbps)
  • Built-in SD card slot (supports max. 32GB)
  • Built-in Mini-USB programming port
  • System diagnosis /status light/online editing and debug functions
  • PLC Link automatic data exchange function
  • EtherNet/IP
    – Scanner & Adapter mode
    – Supports I/O connection & explicit message
    – Connections: TCP = 128; CIP = 256
    – RPI: 1~1,000ms
    – 250 words /connection
    – LD/SFC/FBD/IL/ST languages
  • 256 interrupts (Timed/IO/External/ Low voltage/Communication)
  • Redundant mode only supports timed interrupt
  • 2048 timers and counters
  • No battery required
  • RTC function (max. 30 days after power off)
  • NTP network time correction function
  • WEB/E-mail/IP Filter function
  • Supports redundant system
    – CPU switch-over time: 20ms
    – Built-in sync. Module