Acceleration precisely measured and safely monitored

Acceleration sensors GAM900S and GAM900 detect both vibration and shock to provide the machine control with the information via CANopen or Analog output. The safety relay output of GAM900S can be integrated in any safety system and will be activated as soon as the defined default limit is exceeded.

  • Wind turbines
  • Machines and installations

Fewer components, simple integration

The PLd-certified acceleration sensor GAM900S is a 2 in 1 product. It replaces conventional sensors for monitoring of vibration and shock: At the same time, it reduces cable routing effort down to a minimum. Convenient connection to any conventional control system is possible by Analog or CANopen interface. Easy integration into the safety chain is enabled by redundant relay contacts.

Certified components simplify implementation of the Machinery Directive

Based on limit monitoring with SIL2/PLd certificate, the acceleration sensor GAM900S simplifies the safety assessment of the installation and hence the implementation of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG.
GAM900S is the ideal sensor when it comes to the implementation of the safety function “protection against excessive shocks and tower vibrations”. Due to the integrated limit monitoring including signal processing, there is no necessity for controlspecific implementation of safety rated embedded software or application software.

Precise acceleration for maximum control

Acceleration sensors GAM900 and GAM900S provide the control system with precise acceleration information via CANopen or Analog interface. This way, vibrations can be reduced prior to reaching critically high amplitudes. The selected capacitive MEMS sensors operate with highest precision, especially at small amplitudes, where measuring errors due to cross-axis-sensitivity can be neglected. Therefore, GAM900 and GAM900S are ideally suited for precise acquisition of vibrations e.g. at wind turbines.

Configurable filters improve precision and eliminate distortions

Vibration caused measuring distortions can not be excluded, even if acceleration sensors are attached to solid, load-bearing machine parts. GAM900 and GAM900S utilize low-pass or band-pass filters of up to 8th order to efficiently suppress parasitic frequencies, as generated for example by yaw brakes in wind turbines. Offset errors caused by installation errors or temperature drift are efficiently compensated while significantly enhancing accuracy.

Extremely reliable and robust

  • IP 67 protection thanks to encapsulated electronics
  • Temperature range –40 … +85 °C

Precise detection of acceleration

  • Even at low frequencies of less than 0.5 Hz
  • Compensation of temperature drift and installation errors

Fast and simple

  • Mechanical integration due to compact design
  • Electric integration with Analog and CANopen interface
  • Safety chain integration due to limit monitoring with relay output

Simplified implementation of Machinery Directive due to SIL2/PLd certificate