Absolutely versatile – singleturn and multiturn for reliable positioning without referencing

Optionally with magnetic or optical scanning technology, in many different designs, quick and easy to integrate. Baumer always has the right absolute encoder for you – whether traditional point-to-point or high-performance Ethernet interfaces.

  • Positioning and additional speed detection
  • Particularly broad portfolio for many different applications, e.g. in wind power plants, cranes, packaging machines, commercial vehicles, and elevator technology

With its purely magnetic and purely optical single- and multiturn, Baumer has the right product for every application.

  • From Ø30 mm housing to Ø50 mm hollow shaft
  • Precise optical encoder with additional incremental signals in high signal quality
  • SSI, BiSS, all common field bus and real-time Ethernet interfaces
  • Optical and magnetic scanning technologies
  • Designed for heavy-duty, offshore, ATEX and SIL applications