Process Automation

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Pharmaceuticals & bio-pharmaceuticals
Food & beverage
Oil & Gas
Cosmetics & perfumes

Liquid manufacturing

  • Creams / ointments, vials / ampoules, LVP/SVP, vaccines, integrated systems for sterile manufacturing with CIP/SIP, liquid orals, filtration systems, blending & more

  • Solids manufacturing

    Tablet coating, tablet press, RMG, FBD, blender, integrated granulations lines

  • High purity water

    Generation & distribution for WFI, PW. softener, UF, RO-EDI, DM

  • Sterilizers and dryers

    Steam sterilizer, dry heat sterilizer Autoclaves / bung processors Pure steam generators & MCDP Lyophiliser

Water treatment
Power plants BOP packages
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